Don’t wait until a real-world cybercriminal attacks to find the gaps in your security controls. Info Security Pakistan’s™ Red Team services let you perform a “live fire” Red Team cyber security test to identify (and fix) holes in your defense—before malicious actors expose them for you.

Info Security Pakistan’s™ Red Team Assessment Aspects

Methodology uses realistic attack scenarios using tactics, techniques, and procedures seen in real-world attacks.


Tailored engagements to meet organizational needs, with objectives based on the most relevant risks to your organization.

Consultants experienced with critical infrastructure sectors – including energy, healthcare, and telecommunication providers.

Detailed, concise reports with actionable recommendations to aid in remediating identified issues post-engagement.

Why Choose Info Security Pakistan™

Red Team Services

Validate Your Defenses

Get your defensive team to the top of their game, while identifying the potential business impact/risk of a successful attack. Achieve these goals by facing the real techniques actual cyber attackers would use to penetrate your network and facilities.

Test Your Breach Response

Be proactive rather than reactive. Using carefully controlled simulated “attacks,” you can test your defenses and ability to detect penetration, without suffering the damage and business disruption of a headline-generating breach.

Understand Business Impact

This exercise not only tests your system, it challenges your thinking. What are your vulnerabilities? Why are there gaps? With a comprehensive list of findings, prioritized by risk level, you can make informed strategic decisions about where to invest resources.

Objective and Fact Driven

Our team executes agreed-upon attack scenarios and variables. We follow up with a comprehensive written report documenting the results to client stakeholders showing the areas and levels of business risk.

Test your security program against real-world attacks

Experience attack objectives that expose your organization to worst-case business scenarios – both in the cloud and on-premise.

Gain experience combatting real-world cyber attacks

Emulate tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) seen in actual incident response engagements.

Identify and mitigate complex security vulnerabilities

Receive a comprehensive report detailing all security vulnerabilities identified during the assessment, with remediation recommendations.



Our Red Team Security methodology runs between this scope:

  • Area of Scope/ Information Accumulating
  • Threat Modeling (Physical Test or Virtual Test)
  • Susceptibility Analysis
  • Exploitation of Physical Security or Virtual Security (online or offline)
  • Threat to Organization /Post Exploitation
  • Reporting and remediation


This type of test is an assailment simulation carried out by our highly trained security engineers in an effort to:

  • Identify physical security control imperfections present in the environment
  • Understand the caliber of authentic-world risk for your organization
  • Avail address and fine-tune identified physical security imperfections

Discourse Analysis: A team analyzes indited text (e.g., a five-year strategic plan) in order to address sundry characteristics (e.g., rudimentary postulations) of the paper, as well as text structure.

Key Postulations Checks: This ascertains that an analytical judgment is not predicated on a flawed premise. This methodology sanctions a baseline of confidence to be established.

Devil’s Advocacy: Given any argument, an opposing claim is made in order to test the quality of the pristine argument, identify impotencies in its structure, and to utilize such information to either amend or forsake the pristine position.

HUNT TEAMING /WAR GAMINING : A competitive analysis exercise in which two (or more) teams compete to raise arguments and contravene the claims of the other group (or a third party).Contingency “What-If” Analysis: This analysis employs sundry posits (associated with a probable event) to portray different.

Our RED Team have experience infiltrating some of the most secure environments the same way lamentable guys would. They leverage this experience to zero in on critical issues and provide actionable remediation guidance

A Red Team Exercise is an all-out endeavor to gain access to a system by any denotes compulsory, and customarily includes cyber perforation testing, physical breach, testing all phone lines for internet access, testing all wireless access points and RF mechanism systems present for potential wireless access, and adscititiously testing employees through several scripted gregarious engineering and phishing tests. These are authentic life exercises carried out by an elite diminutive team of trained professionals that are hired to test the physical, cyber security, and gregarious bulwarks of particular system.

Our industrial clients are not in control of all aspects of the security of even cyber security of their systems. In many cases they have outsourced the physical security to one outsourced organization, the cyber security monitoring to another entity, and may supplementally use contractors and outside firms for securing the IT systems. Since all it takes is the most impotent link for a security breach to occur, it is paramount to test all facets of a security program to determine where the breaking points subsist. For this reason, we advocate utilizing a Red Team Exercise to mimic the same process that an incentivized assailer would follow to map out an organization’s infrastructure, perform reconnaissance at key physical installations, and then test the physical, cyber, and gregarious bulwarks all at once through a staged exercise.


We consider the reporting phase to mark the commencement of our relationship. RedTeam strives to provide the best possible customer experience and accommodation. As a result, our report makes up only a minute part of our distributable. We provide clients with an online remediation cognizance base, dedicated remediation staff and ticketing system to close the ever consequential gap in the remediation process following the reporting phase

Red Team Cyber Security Assessments at a Glance


  • Test your security team’s effectiveness in dealing with a cyber attack
  • Train your team to better respond to future cyber attacks
  • Determine the level of effort required to compromise your sensitive data or IT infrastructure
  • Identify and mitigate complex security vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them
  • Receive fact-based risk analysis and recommendations for improvement


  • A high-level executive summary of the Red Team Assessment, catering towards executives and senior-level management
  • A detailed report describing actions taken during the assessment, as well as a report of all found vulnerabilities
  • Fact-based risk analysis detailing the relevance of each vulnerability with respect to your environment, as well as techniques to validate said vulnerabilities
  • Strategic recommendations for longer-term improvement



Penetration Testing Team goal is to proactively denude your most impuissant links and identify the extent of damage.

  • Finding, evaluating and exploiting vulnerabilities in one dimension
  • Static methodology
  • No matter to take attacker’s profile
  • The security team normally are warned about the test
  • Office schedule
  • Just finding and exploiting the vulnerabilities


Multi-coalesced, adversarial-predicated attack simulation against people, software, hardware and facilities performed simultaneously

  • Finding, evaluating and exploiting only the vulnerabilities that make possible obtain the goals
  • Flexible methodology
  • Obtain the attacker’s profile
  • Without notice
  • 24 Hours till Mission Successful
  • Measure business impact of successful attacks.


What Is Red Team Testing?

Red team testing is a multi-blended, simulated attack orchestrated from the perspective of bad guy or group of bad guys. The objective is to realistically simulate a virtual and physical security attack and attempt to uncover security vulnerabilities that might otherwise be discovered by bad actors.

While a red team engagement is an offensive attack simulation typically conducted by a third-party organization, it is sometimes juxtaposed with a “blue team,” or defensive team responsible for defending against red teamers and actual attackers alike. Sometimes, when both teams are working on an engagement together, it may be called purple teaming.

Red team testing can give you valuable insight into the security posture of your various, diverse assets so you’re able to take steps to correct them before hackers are able cause serious damage by exploiting them.

The overall time depends on the size and complexity of your assets. This includes your physical locations, number of staff, type of infrastructure, etc.. That said, most tests take anywhere from two weeks to six weeks, start to finish.

his isn’t an easy question to answer until some level of scoping has been performed. Our scoping process is quick, online and painless. You can get started here.

Overall, though, the number of locations and the objective will ultimately determine the cost of a red team engagement. For example, when determining the work effort, we take the following into account: applications, networks, number of staff, number of target locations, goals, travel from locations, timeframe, etc.


Red Teaming Service

The objective of a red team test is to obtain a realistic idea of the level of risk and vulnerabilities against your technology, people and physical assets.

INFO SECURITY PAKISTAN Red Team® Operations (red teaming) launches a multi-blended attack involving several facets of social engineering, physical penetration testing, application penetration testing and network penetration testing, simultaneously. It’s aimed at revealing real-world opportunities for malicious insiders or bad actors to be able to compromise all aspects of your organization in such a way that allows for unauthorized virtual and/or physical access to sensitive information leading up to data breaches and full system/network compromise.

Red team pentesting is an attack simulation carried out by our highly trained security consultants in an effort to:

  • Identify physical security control imperfections present in the environment
  • Understand the caliber of authentic-world risk for your organization
  • Avail address and fine-tune identified physical security imperfections

What is Red Team..??
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We have performed over a dozen of these exercises on both corporate office and industrial plant locations, and we have the resources, methodology, and experience to perform these physical and virtual tests in a safe manner that does not impose any operational risk to our clients in any mean Download the following document to for more information..





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