Get a real-world look at how attackers could exploit your vulnerabilities—and guidance on how to stop them with our pen testing services.

What is meant by Penetration Test..??

Penetration test (or "pentest" ) is a sanctioned attack against your IT systems to identify and exploit their security impotencies, in order to evaluate the authentic-world risks they pose to your business.

One of the most prevalent approaches in assessing the security level of an application is to simulate an attacker’s perspective with no prior erudition on the system, hence “Black Box”.

Our team of experts, endeavor different scenarios, attack vectors and utilize hands-on as well as automated assailing techniques in order to gain as much information about the system and eventually denude its most impotent links.Bypassing business logic at the application level, may sanction the assailant to perpetually win on a wagering applications, perform illimitable mazuma transfer on banking applications etc.

Detecting these types of imperfections requires solid experience, ingenious cerebrating and vigorous intuition. Utilizing kenned susceptibilities coupled with astuteness amassing capabilities sanctions our team of white hat hackers exploit systems on different calibers.

The goal of a pentest is to proactively denude your most impuissant links and identify the extent of damage an authentic malevolent assailant could cause your business

Types of penetration tests we perform

Black box (Internal/External)

Black (Ebony) Box penetration testing, is carried out without the erudition of the destination network or systems. Black Box (Ebony Box) test simulates an authentic attack. The assailant must amass all kinds of information about the target, strengths and impuissances, bulwark systems, IP addresses, users.

Grey box (Internal/External)

Gray box penetration testing is predicated on inhibited cognizance.Perforation tester may ken the interactions between systems but not detailed internal software functions and operations.

White box (Internal/External)

White Box penetration testing is done by the antithesis method of black(ebony) box testing. penetration tester has full cognizance of network, systems, and infrastructure. This information sanctions the perforation tester to fixate on testing code and impotencies of the systems.


3 Steps of a Penetration Test

Pre-attack phase / Planning

Defining the intruder model (internal or external, enabled rights and privileges). Defining goals, source data, scope of work and testing targets. Determining the scope of a target environment. Developing the testing methodology. Defining interaction and communication procedures.

Attack phase / Testing

Fieldwork, service identification. Custom scanning or intrusion tools are developed if needed. Vulnerabilities detection and scanning, elimination of false positives. Vulnerabilities exploit and gaining an unauthorized access. Utilization of compromised systems as a springboard for further intrusion.

Post-attack phase / Reporting

Result analysis and reporting with recommendations for reducing risks. Visual demonstration of the damage that can be inflicted to the system by an intruder.

Get independent assurance that your cyber security is solid.

identification of penetration test

Identify business risks

A penetration test can avail you proactively identify susceptibilities in your IT systems that can be exploited by the deplorable guys, which lead to consequential business peril.

Ken the impact of business risks

By exploiting susceptibilities in your IT infrastructure, a perforation test can avail your company apperceive the extent of business risks in the aftermath of an assailment.

Evaluate the efficacy of IT bulwarks

Ethical hacking through perforation testing can be habituated to check whether your IT security controls are functioning efficaciously against authentic attacks.

Amend your IT security posture

By kenning your susceptibilities and their impact to your business through perforation testing, you can proactively close the security gaps to obviate future attacks.

Train IT Staff Preparedness to Attacks

Through simulated sanctioned hacking attacks against your IT infrastructure, INFO SECURITY PAKISTAN can avail you prepare and train your IT staff against authentic incidents.

Benefits of penetration testing

Bulwark your organization's reputation & profits; Get assurance that your systems are secure Substantial evidence to fortify incremented investments in IT security.

Different types of Penetration testing on Types of different type of platform/levels

By performing sanctioned penetration testing (or "ethical hacking" ) attacks against your organization, INFO SECURITY PAKISTAN™ can demonstrate the efficacy of your IT security bulwarks and avail you understand the extent of unauthorized access and damage that could be achieved by a malignant hacker.

Penetration tests conducted by INFO SECURITY PAKISTAN™ Cyber Security Consultants are customized to your environment, no two assessments are ever the same. A wide variety of penetration testing options are available, with each option providing information that can dramatically improve security in your organization.

Protect Your Business Now

Please contact our security experts and they will help you to choose an optimal model of a penetration testing that will allow you to detect current weaknesses and eliminate them promptly.

Let us help you anticipate threats and identify risks to your organization with controlled real-world attacks that penetrate networks and facilities to determine the resilience of your security solutions. Various types of penetration testing are available, icluding: internal and external, wireless, web, and mobile application.





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